2021 - Extinction Rebellion: conference on citizens' assemblies. 42 min. (FR) 

[In this video, Extinction Rebellion presents in detail its third demand as a new approach to achieve carbon neutrality by 2025, that is the constitution of citizens' assemblies in addition to the political system in place.]

2020 - Extinction Rebellion Conference Urgence Climatique. 35 min. (FR)

[This video traces the content of the Extinction Rebellion conference "Climate Emergency: Act Now Together". The speakers describe to us what science tells us about global warming and its consequences, the obstacles to change. The last part of the conference addresses the question of possible new approaches.]

2020 - Festival. 45 min. (FR)

[Nepalese New Year documentary film, Bisket Jatra.]

2019a - Vadnagarand Taranga in North Gujarat: The Monasteries of Anandpur visited by HuienTsang, Dr. Yadubir Singh Rawat.

2019b - Understandingthe Buddha's Dharma, Ven Doboom Tulku.

2019c - New Frames for New Landscapes: Paradigm Shifts in Buddhist Studies, Prof. Peter Skilling.

[The above three oral presentations from the conference, titled “Challenging Stereotypes in Ancient Indian Buddhism” (IIC, New Delhi), have been uploaded to make the most recent discussions on Buddhism accessible.]

2017 - PolitiCow. 26 min. (EN / FR)

[This documentary film deals with social movements and the political instrumentalisation of the cow in India.]

2013a - Biruni, the Quill of the invaders. 60min. (EN / FR)

[Documentary on the life of al-Biruni.]

2013b - Gender Stories. 5 min. (EN)

[Short film on the debates during the election of the Gender Awareness Committee against Sexual Harassment at JNU University, New Delhi.]


2021 (forthcoming) - Un précurseur : al-Bīrūnī, traducteur arabe du Traité du Yoga de Patañjali. In Y. Tardan-Masquelier (ed). The Universe of Yoga. A wisdom of the body. Paris: Albin Michel.

[In this work, I highlight how al-Bīrūnī interpreted certain concepts from Patañjali's text on yoga and the importance of one's cultural environment in his interpretive choices.]

2019d - The Arabic Pātañjalayogaśāstra. The Luminescent.

[Brief article on al-Bīrūnī's translations of the yoga treatise; on the Luminescent blog, which is aimed at the international yoga community.]